Open Minds – Outcomes Over view 2018

Doctors of the World Greek Delegation through its interventions during the years of both the financial and refugee crisis in Greece has been identifying the gaps and limitations of the existing mental system in Greece. The increased need for provision of mental health and psychosocial support services especially for the most vulnerable who face multiple barriers to accessing the national health system as well as for capacity building and raising aware-ness activities led to the implementation of the project “Open Minds: promoting Mental health and Well-being in the Community”.

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Mental Health FactSheet – Open Minds Project 2019

Until recently, mental health issues were not seen as a distinct sector/cluster in humanitarian emergencies response. Mental health services and considerations were covered under the wider healthlabeled umbrella; they weren’t seen as a cross-cutting issue either. Some health projects, included metal health activities and rational mainly as a context-related element, i.e. according to need, gap and demand.


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Mental Health FactSheet – The Experience of Doctors of the World of Greece

Greece has suffered a severe economic crisis since late 2009, due to nearly a decade of chronic overspending and structural rigidities. The severe impact of the current financial crisis in Greece that has led to extreme austerity measures and cuts in the public expenditure for mental health system while at the same time there is an enormous increase of demand for services. This, in conjunction with the mass influx of refugees and migrants in Greece over the past two years has contributed to further discrimination of the most vulnerable groups, such as destitute Greeks, migrants, refugees, asylum seekers, Roma, and LGBTQI communities.


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